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The end of Fortuna league season 2021/2022

May 21, 2022 was the date of the end of our highest football competition season. Several rounds before the last round it was sure that ŠK Slovan Bratislava would win the title. And it was on their ground where the last TV broadcast fort TV Dajto was set. Slovan welcomed Žilina as a clear winner. The final result of this match was drawn, but it does not change the fact that after the final whistle Slovan was ready to celebrate. The home fans ran into the ground and celebrated the title with the players. Slovan has won the title for the fourth time in row.
The second TV broadcast was broadcasted on Nova Sport and it was the match between home - Trnava versus Dunajská Streda. In terms of table position this match meant nothing. But it was an important match because it was Martin Škrtel's last match. He was one of the best Slovak football players that has ever played. He started in the line up but he was subbed symbolically in 37th minute.
In this fotball season we have participated in all "big" TV broadcasts. Altogether there were 64 broadcasts with our participation directly at the stadiums. Just like with the hockey season we are saying goodbye with the football season with the feeling of job well done and we are looking forward to the new season. We believe that the number of broadcasts done with our help will increase every year and that the new season will offer good matches and at least as good quality of broadcast as it was this season.


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